Hydraulic Accessories




Order Code Length Model Number
HHHA2 1.8m HC-7206C
HHHA3 3m HC-7210C
HHHA6 6.1m HC-7220C

*Additional sizes are available on request*

Order Code Description Model Number
HHCM2 2 Way Control Manifold AM-21
HHCM4 4 Way Control Manifold AM-41
HHBM4 4 Way Bar Manifold A-65
HHSM5 5 Way Splitter A-66
Order Code Description Model Number
HHCPG Calibrated Pressure/Force Gauges are available if required POA Various
HHBP Cylinder Base Plates JBI
HHMCV Manual Check Valve (Load Holding) V-66
HHNV Needle Valve V-82

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