Hydraulic Combination Vertical Lifting Equipment Test Machines

The SAMSON CTRD ‘ Combination Lifting Equipment Test Machines’

Designed and manufactured by Worlifts, this unique CTRD range of machines are specifically designed to allow functional testing, proof load testing but uniquely also the ‘Light Load Test’ on most models of mechanical and powered lifting equipment or machines.

Hydraulic Combination Vertical Lifting Equipment Test Machines 10 tonne and 25/30 tonne

Variable hydraulic test machines incorporate either 110, 240 or 415V power packs.

Simple adjustment of test force/tonnage is easily adjusted by a manual variable pressure release valve which is panel mounted on the machine and the simple panel also includes a digital display.

  • Standard Machine tonnages 10 tonne, 25 tonne and 30 tonne
  • Small Machine Footprint our ‘Zero Space’ design
  • Easily Set Up and Simple to Operate
  • Utilises Enerpac High Pressure Equipment
  • Standardises your testing procedures
  • Low Maintenance

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