'SAMSON' Lifting Equipment Test Machines

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The 'SAMSON' range of dynamic, variable, compression and pressure testing equipment machines are a new addition to Worlifts range of testing equipment. All designed and manufactured in-house and available in variety of simple configurations these test rigs are becoming an industry standard for many lifting equipment supply and service companies both in the UK and worldwide.

To compliment our standard range of machine we have a 'specials build' department catering for any specialist test machine or test rig requiring electronic control or test recording  facilities.  

With the 'Lifting Industry' in mind:

  • Calibrated to the required standards
  • Installed and commissioned
  • Familiarisation training provided
  • Product and technical support 
  • Maintenance plans
  • Service and calibration plans

Lifting Equipment and Lifting GearTest Rigs

These new dynamic lifting equipment test machines were introduced to meet the more stringent industry legislation for the dynamic testing of lifting equipment. In fact they were engineered by lifting equipment engineers for lifting equipment engineers and you can't get better than that.

Being lifting equipment engineers ourselves we were also working with a 'nodding donkey' type test machine which although did the job it took up a hugh amount of workshop space and potentially required additional test weight. If you want to test lifting equipment correctly this is the machine for you!

Our idea was based on a 'Zero Space' rig which could easily be fitted to most types of both new and old premises and would immediately save important workshop space, the rigs also incorporate high pressure hydraulic technology and modern load measuring equipment.

The standard lifting equipment test rigs are available in:

  • 10 tonne & 25 tonne, Model : SAM-10-TRD & SAM-25-TRD
  • 10 tonne & 25 tonne, Model : SAM-10-CTRD & SAM-25-CTRD
  • 500 KGs & 1250 KGs, Model : SAM-500-LLT & SAM-1250-LLT

All test rigs are supplied with the appropriate documentation inc calibration certificate & familiarisation training.

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