Hydraulic equipment repair

Having a failure of your hydraulic equipment can be both costly and dangerous which is why Worlifts offers a full on-site service, testing and repair service to ensure your equipment continues to work as expected and without downtime.

But, what happens when something goes wrong? Well, we can be there with our fully equipped vans and trained professionals to ensure you get back up and running as quickly as possible. Our mission statement is “Getting it right ON-SITE” and we aim to ensure all of our customers suffer the absolute minimum of downtime through efficient and effective servicing of equipment but also being there when you need us if things go wrong.

Hydraulic Cylinder repair

Repairing hydraulic cylinders is an extremely specialised area and we like to think we go above and beyond when making sure cylinders are working correctly and totally leak-free. Many companies test at a single point in the bore and normally by pressurising the cylinder against its end stop. Because this part of the cylinder is rarely used, it’s less likely to have any wear or damage. But even so, this can only test for a lead or damage at that particular point, it does not test for a major score or a section that is mushroomed and these types of problems could be missed.

We always recommend a dynamic full stroke test. We want to make sure that the cylinder will work correctly across its full stroke. It’s even more critical that this test is performed when visiting on site with equipment without any history.

Repair and service workshop

Worlifts can offer a full service package and is an authorised Enerpac repair service centre. Whatever your problem from a small hydraulic repair through to a full shutdown of the entire plant, we can provide an end-to-end service that is second to none. What’s more, all of our repairs carry a three month warranty as standard.

If you want to discuss what we can do for you, please call us on : 0121 460 1113