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The range of Enerpac hydraulic and mechanical jacks are amongst the most versatile jacks available in the industry today. These jacks are built to last. The range consists of standard industrial hydraulic bottle jacks to fast lifting hydraulic and mechanical jacks. If your application requires a reliable strong performing jack, Worlifts will most probably stock it!

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Track Jack Feature

Hydraulic Track Jacks

Enerpac’s range of hydraulic track jacks provide fast safe lifting. They can lift from the toe or cap, ideal for spreading and jacking applications. The reservoir design allows the popular model TJ109LS to be used vertically or horizontally.
PR Wheeled Jack

Pow’R-LOCK Jacks

The Enerpac Pow’r-Riser is a portable system for lifting and lowering heavy loads safely. They can be operated electrically or pneumatically. For safe mechanical cribbing of a lifted load, accessory Locking U-Rings can be placed around an extended piston.
GBJ Bottle Jacks

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Enerpac’s Industrial Range of Steel Hydraulic Bottle Jacks are designed to make lifting loads easier. Selected models come with a Screw Extension feature which helps adjusting and prevents slipping.
Ratchet Jacks

Ratchet Jacks

The Mechanical range of Ratchet Jacks are operated by a separate operating lever. They feature multiple-tooth pawls for strength and safety and are ideal for mills, factory maintenance, shipyards, bridge and railcar repair work.