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Do the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) Apply to Me?

go site Many people are of the opinion that many regulations to do with their working environment don’t apply to them if they are self-employed or a contractor working independently of their hiring company. Likewise, many companies feel that the contractor carries … Continue reading

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Scissor lifts must be used correctly

adult sore Scissor lifts come in several different shapes and sizes and you need to choose the type most suitable for your needs. The average load capacity can range from around 450kg to around 9,500kg and it is very important that you … Continue reading

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Training is essential

electricity play porn In many fields of work, there are cases where the task that needs to be performed above the ground. Workers need to be lifted to a particular height to mount billboards or other advertisements, install equipment or do maintenance work … Continue reading

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Scissor lifts are so versatile

follow The hydraulic scissor lift raises parts for construction to different heights, elevates working platforms, and larger models can lift up to 120,000 pounds. The advantage of such a machine is simple, it is easy to operate, with electric, air, and … Continue reading

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