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Choosing a hydraulic jack

  If you are looking for a hydraulic jack, it is important that you choose the right one to suit your needs. There are many different sorts and they do have differing weight limits, so it is very important not … Continue reading

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How to change a wheel with a hydraulic jack

Identify the jacking point of the vehicle. Usually this point is about 12 inches at the rear of the front wheel. You can consult the owner’s manual if you are not sure where the jacking point is. Pay attention to … Continue reading

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Hydraulic jack safety should be your first thought

Safety should be the number one priority for a car mechanic. One would think that all mechanics have many years of experience of safe working practices they could employ to prevent accidents. It is surprising then, to find that many … Continue reading

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1. Which hydraulic components are rated in terms of capacity or tonnage? 2. True or False – Side loading can damage a jack or cylinder by distorting the wiper seal and bending the plunger. 3. What should you do if … Continue reading

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