New S- and W-Series X-Edition Hydraulic Torque Wrenches from Enerpac

Worlifts is always at the cutting edge when it comes to safety and performance and this is reflected in the company we keep. We’re a key distributer of Enerpac products and we’re proud to announce their new “X-Edition” range of tools that compliment our values perfectly.

Although compatible with current S&W tools, the new X-Edition from Enerpac have several new features.

For example, a new manifold design with a recessed sealing face provides best in class endurance and safety. Also, tough new positioning handles and an additional mounting option for narrow access (see our other announcement earlier in the month), keeps operators’ hands clear of pinch points.

CE-ATEX declaration is provided with every X-Edition tool. Each wrench and cassette is factory tested and calibrated. Not only are you getting the best performance verification, it gives operators the confidence they need, even in explosive environments.

As for durability, a tough new tilt and swivel manifold provides horizontal and vertical manoeuvrability with greater durability, and fits all X-Edition S&W-Series torque wrenches. Model numbers, serial numbers and CE-ATEX designations are permanently engraved in each tool, providing operators with traceability for the long term.

You’d think such innovations would cost more, but despite all of the above improvements, the prices will remain identical to current Standard Edition tools.

Contact Worlifts today to arrange a demonstration: 0121 460 1113