Need hydraulic equipment repairs? Worlifts has the answer!

Hydraulic principles are pretty simple, we cover them in our post on hydraulic principles, but that doesn’t mean anyone can understand and service hydraulic machinery using their shop-bought screwdriver.

repairsl3Hydraulic equipment is used in ever more dangerous environments these days and the amount of pressure in a cylinder together with the equipment that’s being lifted and simply where the equipment is means on-site inspection and repair needs to be carried out by trained personnel.

Worlifts has the answer with it’s crew of in-house specialists who are ready to help repair and service all your hydraulic equipment with the minimum of fuss and downtime. Whether it’s a simple repair or a complete strip-down and whether it comes to our in-house specialist facilities based in Bormsgrove or is carried out on your site, we can ensure you get the best service.

Our workshop is also fitted out with the latest dynamic variable testing machines. Our workshop uses these to ensure that all hydraulic equipment and machinery that is repaired or serviced meets all industry requirements before being allowed back into service. Additionally, should customers have their own specific test requirements, these can also be carried out. For example, some customers request proof of load testing, non-destructive testing etc.

We aim to ensure that all testing is safe, thorough and exceeds industry standards so you can absolutely sure of the best service.

What’s more, you will get the appropriate lifting equipment certification and repair warranty meaning you can have full peace of mind.

If we can help, call us on 0121 460 1113