Material handling equipment is used in many industries

Material handling is something which comes into most industries and it is something that should be carefully considered as accidents and injuries are easily done. There are many different types of equipment used for material handling and you should choose the most appropriate for your needs. You may think that as you work in an office you don’t need anything moved around, but think about moving boxes of consumables for instance. Boxes of paper can be very heavy and it is better to transport it on a trolley to the desired location.

Trolleys are commonly used and very versatile. They should still be used with care and never overload them. Trolleys come in two basic types, a 2 wheel upright or a 4 wheel platform. The 2 wheel upright types are commonly seen in animal feed shops or green grocers as they are great for transporting sacks or bags of food. The 4 wheel platform type can have a flatbed or have sides on them, then they can be loaded up with boxes for easy transportation.

For heavy or large loads a forklift truck is usually employed. These are common in warehouses where goods are constantly being moved around. Forklifts come in several guises and with many attachments for specific tasks, so it is very important that the correct one is chosen. Goods are stacked on pallets and then the forklift transports the pallet or pallets to where they are needed.

Whatever type of material handling equipment you need to use, always take care with it and make sure you have had the correct training in the proper use of the equipment.

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