ON-Site Lifting Equipment Examination (LOLER)

Worlifts specialise in ON-Site lifting equipment examinations, lifting equipment inspections, lifting gear examinations, lifting gear inspections, lifting tackle examinations, lifting tackle inspections & routine statutory inspections.

This service is key to many customers throughout the UK, our unique fleet of mobile on site lifting equipment examination and lifting equipment testing vehicles are fully equipped with the latest hydraulic dynamic load testing machines, calibrated measuring equipment and electronic equipment inspection PC's.

Our history in the lifting equipment industry started with the founding of Worlifts Limited in 1976, we were known previously as Worley Hydraulics pre 1976, this gives our customers the confidence that are dealing with a well established family owned independent company when dealing with Worlifts.

To conform to current LOLER & PUWER legislation your lifting equipment, crane accessories and associated riggings accessories must be thoroughly examined by a competent person and all accompany records recorded. We provide as standard inventory management on all examinations carried out, our customers receive electronic copies of the appropriate certification on the day if required.

We specialise in offering a planned contracted schedule ensuring you are fully compliant with all legal requirements Worlifts will manage your lifting inventory offering you piece of mind that your lifting items are fit for task and when used in service they will be fully operational and correctly certified.

We are also proud to be full members of the 'lifting equipment engineers association'.  LEEA Membership number 798.

The service has grown from strength to strength through all sectors of industry. Companies either large organisations or small enterprises currently use our services to carry out regular examinations of the full range of lifting equipment.

Our thorough examination, thorough inspection of lifting equipment can include dynamic SWL testing and Light Load Testing of mechanical hand chain blocks, lever hoist, tirfors, etc.

This unique service will ensure the correct operation the braking mechanism through the full operation at maximum capacity and minimum capacity ensuring correct in use operation.


Many companies will perform at best a 'visual inspection' on lifting products.

Worlifts always recommend a dynamic brake test at both the safe working load and light load (approx 5% of machine capacity) is performed on all lifting equipment with a braking mechanism when carrying out any examination, inspection or repair to confirm it is functioning correctly. Our unique test vehicles can carry out tests of this type, the test ensures the lifting items works correctly through its full cycle operation, this is even more essential when testing on site as you may have no equipment history, making a dynamic test the only test that should be carried out.

On a final note, visual inspections without operating the equipment really tell the inspector very little.

You cannot tell the condition of the internal working parts, a chain block or lever hoist can be badly bashed from the outside and yet still work perfectly, while a brand new lifting block may have been over loaded in its first operation causing the load sprocket to be damaged or the braking mechanism damaged, both of these conditions can only 100% be verified by dynamic testing of your lifting equipment, dynamic testing of your lifting gear and dynamic testing of your lifting tackle.


Our mission statement is 'Getting it right ON-SITE' your successful business operation is directly linked to our success, we see all our customers as business partners and you can rest assured that we are a family owned proactive, forward thinking independent lifting and hydraulic equipment company, giving us the flexibility to react when your need arises.

If you have a requirement for our services please contact us, we are readily available to attend site present an overview of our services and explain why Worlifts should be your partner for the sale, service and ON-Site testing of all your hydraulic tools and equipment.

Why WOR? Because you will get What you require, On time, and it will be Right!

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